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March 20, 2011

религия есть в вашем сердце. сердце человека, который жил в племена и народы мира. Чата, и они Бога. Бог религиозный лидер. Если ваш Бог повелел, чтобы делать добро для всех людей на основе религии. то почему мы делаем вандализма и враждебность с человеческим собратьям. Religion ist es in deinem Herzen. menschlichen Herzens, die lebten in […]

Soekarno berani mengecam Inggris dan mendapat dukungan dari India Maret 4, 2010

March 4, 2010

Soekarno menuduh Inggris yang membantu Belanda Dr Soekarno, Presiden Pemerintah Indonesia yang tidak diakui, dalam sebuah surat kepada Jenderal Sir Philip Chirtison, telah memperingatkan Inggris bahwa jika mereka melanjutkan “kebijakan dihitung untuk memaksakan kembali kekuasaan Belanda atas Indonesia” hasil akhir akan menjadi “membasahi di Indonesia mandi darah “. “Sikap Anda jauh dari netral” kata Soekarno. […]

Axe Porridge. (a russian fairy tale)

March 2, 2010

An old soldier was once on his way home for his leave,he was tired ‘n hungry. He reached a village ‘n he rapped at the first hut. “Let a traveller in for the night,”he said. The door was opened by an old woman. “Come in soldier,”she offered. “Have you a bite of food for a […]

A Lesson In Wisdom (A Georgian Fairy Tale)

March 2, 2010

A bear, A wolf ‘n A fox once met ‘n began complaining of how they were often obliged to go hungry for so long that the got cramps in their bellies. They bewailed their sad lot,they talked it all over ‘n decided to live as brothers. From now on,they said,we shall share whatever food comes […]

what is “peace”

March 2, 2010

hugs and kiss childs is “peace”… all childs…in this world!!! make and save “peace” for they and us. ^_^